The Bull Terrier Club of Puget Sound

Bull Terrier Synopsis
Bullie Health
Bull Terrier History
Originated in England.
The modern Bullie is a companion dog.
They live on average 10 - 14 years.
They come in white and colored varieties.
They have a short flat, harsh to the touch coat with a fine gloss.
They require weekly brushing with a hard bristle brush or grooming mitt.
Require infrequent bathing, unless visibly soiled.
The breed has no specific size standard but is generally 21 - 22 inches in height, and weigh 45 - 70 pounds.
They posses a high activity level, and are a smart, independent thinker.
They are trainable with fun, creative, reward based training, but do not do well with repetitious training.
They make good watch dogs.
They are fun-loving clowns and sensitive companions.
They require a fenced yard, and their activities should be supervised.
They are good with children, but can be rough playmates, so they need to be supervised around small children.
Must be socialized with other pets, and can be dog aggressive.