Breeder Referral

Club Member Breeder Referrals (Alphabetical Order)
Disclaimer: The club asks that each person do their own research on the breeders of their choice. All of the breeder referrals on this list are members in good standing. The club does not warrant the results of any relationship with the breeders.

Lynne Myall
  Iceni Bull Terriers

Marcia Speer
  Redmond, WA

Once you've decided to make a BT part of your life, the next most important decision is selecting a breeder to purchase a puppy from, or deciding if a rescue pet would work for you. It is almost always a a bad idea to purchase a puppy from a pet store, off of the Internet, or via a puppy mill. To obtain an animal that most represents the breed you've selected, it is important for you to do some research and look at representatives of the breed.