Previous BTCPS Specialty Winners

1976 AM/CAN Ch. The Aristocrat of Oyster Bay
1977 Ch. Bejobos Bulldozer
1978 AM/CAN Ch. The Aristocrat of Oyster Bay
1979 AM/CAN Ch. Monkery's Buckskin
1980 Ch. Achates Spring Sonney
1981 Ch. Oyster Bay's Lady Sadie
1982 AM/CAN Ch. Peterbilt
1983 Ch. Iceni's Pilgram Of Med O Lynn
1984 Iffinest Prouette
1985 Ch. Shavins Queen Of Hearts
1986 Iceni Spellbinder
1987 Bifray's Magician
1988 No supported shows
1989 Luvabull Iceni Magic Moment
1990 Rambunctious Windjammer O Jebt
1991 Deslynn's Beathless Beauty
1992 Shavins-Kingmere Chatterbox
1993 Casca's Copper Penny
1994 Luvabull Precious Moment
1995 Ch. Action Glamor Pix
1996 Ch. Iceni Spellbound
1997 Quicksilver Just Dandy
1998 Ch. Kingsmere Justanuff
1999 Ch. Kingsmere Wooly Bully
2000 Ashmill Tempranillo Curraneye
2001 Ch. Valhalla Cosmic Dancer
2002 Ch. Stellar's Southern Cross
2003 Ch. Action Bestuvall Zodi Act Up
2004 Ch. Quicksilver American Idol
2005 Rocky Top's Holiday Design
2006 Ch. Iceni Point Taken
2007 Bumbuls Sunset Stripped At SST
2008 Stellar Quicksilver Showshocker
2009 Iceni Westpoint
2010 Iceni Taken by Surprise
2011 Iceni Turning Point
2012 Ch. Rhydaman Frosty
1976 Ch. Bejobos Ironhorse
1977 CAN Ch. Avicorn's Speedball Ernie
1978 Oyster Bay's Sir Blackdiamond
1979 Monkery's Moatvale Bracken
1980 AM/CAN Ch. Pendragon's Paprika Of Wyndham
1981 CAN Ch. Bullarctic White Eagle
1982 AM/CAN Ch. Rurik Of Oyster Bay
1983 Ch. Iceni's Son Of Corduroy
1984 Oyster Bay's Sir Rodney
1985 Ch. Rambunctious Riptide
1986 Ch. Rambunctious Riptide
1987 Iceni Janet Micklepin of Deco
1988 No supported shows
1989 Ch. Iceni Enchantra Of Lor-Dean
1990 Ch. Brigadoon Black Pepper
1991 Ch. Stronghaven Iceni Grand Guy
1992 Ch. Brigadoon Black Pepper
1993 Ch. Jambeau's Cat Dance
1994 Ch. Cresy's Strong Haven At Iceni
1995 Cresy's Iceni Just Magic
1996 Ch. Iceni Diggery Ven
1997 Ch. Jarrogue's Red Rover
1998 Ch. Majestic Theatrical
1999 Ch. Majestic Theatrical
2000 Nora's Glory At Iceni
2001 Ch. Kannon-Fork Cerebus
2002 Iceni Speedwell
2003 Ch. Iceni Meadowsweet
2004 Ch. Saga Alliance With Iceni
2005 Ch. Rocky Top's Holiday Big Hit
2006 Ch. Brigadoon Walk-A-Bout
2007 Ch. Quicksilver Modern Magic
2008 Bullenium Big Bazooka
2009 Bestuvall Sho' Is Hot
2010 Bestuvall Too Hot to Stop
2011 Twylite Butterfly O’Brigadoon
2012 Ch. Quicksilver I Like Ike